• Everyone who congratulate me for my first house, made me think Cindy still has something to be proud of
  • Everyone who congratulate me for graduated and share their positive views and what they remembered about me, made me think “Hey! Cindy was ‘someone’ at the time, they want to be like me! I made it!”
  • Friends that never get tired of listening to my stories and convince me that I will be okay, I just need to ‘zoom out’ to see what I have been passed and stop worrying about future
  • Some big companies that drop their interest in having me on their team, that I ended up rejecting for a better. Made me think that I wasn’t that bad, companies that rejected me just decided that I was not the right puzzle they currently need, and I still have places to go
  • Myself, who secretly believe that I can get through this



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Easily recognized as an ambitious girl, naturally introvert, and a seasonal bookworm.